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Lamictal Report: Severe heart palpitations increase

Lamictal Report: Severe heart palpitations increase

A following Lamictal side effect report was submitted by a user.

Male patient reported the following Lamictal side effects :
Severe heart palpitations, increase in heart beat rate to 142 beats at rest, muscle pains especially around my chest, shortness of breath, severe abdominal bloating with inability to expel gas.

I was given Lamictal for bipolar depression which proved resistant to SSRIs and a combination of the classic mood stabilizers such as tegretol and depakote. 2 months ago, we decided to try Lamictal as a monotherapy drug. I started with a very slow titration untill reaching the dose which triggered all the symptoms: 125 mgs. At a this relatively low dose, this medicine was my miracle drug. Almost complete stabilization...no more yelling spells or extreme anger and for the first time since I can\'t remember, I could enjoy life\'s little things. Sadly, less than one week ago, I rushed to the ER with the worst symptoms ever. My heart was exploding and pounding and I couldn\'t breathe. Before this accident, I had constant abdominal bloating accompanied with tolarebale muscle aches...but this was life threatining. I stopped taking my miracle drug the next day. Now, all the mental symptoms are back...but at least my heart went to back to its regular rythm.

Medication Dosage: 125
Medication Frequency: 3 times
Patient Age: 38
Patient Weight: 70
Other medications: nothing
Diagnosis: Bipolar depression type 2
Pre-existing conditions: nothing
Hospitalized? No
Life-threatening? Yes
Disabled? No
Birth Defects? No
Was intervention required to prevent damage? No
Other serious medical events? No
Died? No

It is estimated that 1.5 million preventable adverse drug events occur each year. Many more millions of mild adverse drug events occur each year which can affect your health, mental state, and normal everyday functioning. Drug side effects can cause death, disability, and illness.

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