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three months ago I was diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri. I had a spinal tap and was told the pressure was high. I have been placed on 500mg twice a day and have two visual fields tests that are normal. The last few days I've experienced a sensation of cold water trickling and running over my brain from inside my head. It has been frightening. My mom took me to the doctor yesterday who said that my neurological responses are good, I do not have a fever however my white cell count has been elevated for several weeks. I have begun another round of antibiotics. I confess I was so tired of taking medication I did nott start my antibiotic until Friday December 23rd, which was a week after it had been prescribed. Today the sensation has changed to a burning type of pain. I aslo take Bystolic low dose for mild tachycardia and Losortan for HBP the medication has been lowered because my bp has been low. Please help.


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