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severe drooping of one eye, and opposite cheek drooping... and speech slurred, one to two weeks after injections. feels like a stroke, went to neurologist to check , had MRI and CT scans done , and only explanation was these injections of DYSPORT!!!!!! I have had dysport before but had the injections done a bit differently this time, so we figure it must be from that! I am wondering how long this is going to take to get better, I have slurred and stuttering speach, that is the most bothersome.


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I have fatigue and brain fog after having Dysport injections. I got injected May 2010- almost 2 years ago. I'm completely exhausted every

judy, i had the same thing happen after my 2nd and 3rd injections of Dysport. i am guessing i'm allergic, they

I had Dysport injected for crows feet Sept 30 2011. This was my 2nd. First one I had in May 2011 without side

I had similar symptoms. I had Dysport On Sept 30 2011, the next day i woke up with neck and shoulder

I had Dysport injections in the glabellar area and for bunny lines in mid-August, 2011. I had approximately 70-80 units total.

Hi Joyce, My name is Valerie. I've tried to be discreet & have used in the past an alias

I am experiencing these symptoms as we speak. I was injected by Dysport a week ago and fell ill few days afterwards. I

Melissa how are you doing now 2 months further down the road. I'm about 4 1/2 months into it and had a setback again

I hope that you are feeling better.  I experienced what you symptoms peaked at week 4-5. 

You know, Dysport contains <span style="text-decoration: underline;">human albumin</span> along with bovine products, so any virus or contamination would

Two days later after getting Dysport injection in my forehead, I ended up getting a sore throat and a head cold, runny nose,

December 2010 I had the minimum of the Dysport in my forehead and crows feet. The following day my eyes started swelling and I've

can i take aleve or ibuprofen 3 days after Dysport injection. sever headache and swollen droopy eyelids?

My reaction has just seen me leave emergency. I had unbelievable swelling of the throat, mount nerve pain that was a 15 out

&nbsp;Horrible!!!!!!! &nbsp;Never again!!!! &nbsp;Swollen cheek on one side and pain for five months. &nbsp;Still looks funny.

5 days ago I tried Dysport.... have had a headache since day 1. Your headache is most likely from

I've been getting Botox injections for the last 15 years. The worst symptoms I encountered were a slight headache and/or some bruising.

I had Botox for my forehead and crows feet for years with no problem. Had serious reactions with Dysport. Been almost a year

I used to get headaches from Botox so I want the spa, and they suggested Dysport. They said it was SAFE but,

Yes. I feel very sick from using Dysport. I have used Botox for years, but switched to Dysport the last year because

I have had every filler in the book and Botox injections. I'm 57 and was looking to avoid a facelift because every one

I am sorry you are going through that. I have had headaches for five months. Can you describe them to me?

I am getting horrible headaches, trying to figure out if this is from disport, I had it done about 1 month ago,

4 months post Dysport injection and still unable to speak correctly. Drooping on one side of face, eyes still not normal,

Thank you for posting this. I was feeling better for two weeks and then the last week I had the worst headaches I have

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