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I am prone to migraines, but did not think a whole lot about it when my heart doctor put me on Livalo. I am now on my 10th day of a migraine and that is the only change in my lifestyle. Anyone else have this effect?


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On Livalo for 11 weeks now-experienced symptoms much like that of an upper respiratory infection, achey and fatigued from ribs to my head.

I have muscular aches and joint aches. I have tried vytorin ,crestor,lipitor and several other statin and i have problems with them

has anyone had problems with weight gain while on Livalo? AND Inability to lose weight even with correct diet and exercise?

I have been feeling lazy, somewhat dizzy, weakness when trying to do daily house duties, cloudy eye sight, ache in legs.

I am 51 taking Livalo for about a year now. My cholesterol numbers are great, and my side effects have been next to

Have been having very vivid dreams/nightmares since taking Livalo. No longer have joint aching since switching from Crestor. But tired from being awake

I just picked up samples from my doctor after having bad reaction to pravastatin. After reading these reviews I'm really scared to start

can Livalo cause renal failure and increased proteing in urine? have had severe joint paint and swelling along with weight loss. Mulitple

Have been on 2 mg Livalo for 2 wks...feeling very fatigued, chest discomfort(like a strained muscle), flu-like symptoms including feeling

Aside from being on my 8th day of a migraine...I also have terrible aches in my legs and wozziness in my head

Yes!!! I am on my 8th day of a migraine. This is craziness...

Has anyone who is a Diabetic taken this drug? What, if any, eefects have you seen on your blood sugar levels?

I take 2MG of Livalo now and my experience is terrible because I present shortness of

I'm a 52 yr. old female and started taking 2mg Livalo 2 weeks ago. First few days I almost felt giddy, like

I am fortunate in that 2 mg Livalo is really working for me. I feel absolutely great---no side affects. Terrible problems with Crestor

I started taking 1mg of Livalo 4 days ago and am having severe abdominal cramps. Have tried all the other statins and had

yes, my lip is numb, tingling, etc. I have bad back and neck pain

I have been on 2 mg this statin now for little over a month. My energy level is crap. I used

I am gaining weight with Livalo. I did not tolerate Lipotor, Zetia nor Crestor. Has anybody else experienced weight problems?

I did not tolerate Lipitor, Zetia nor Crestor. I am taking Livalo but I am gaining weight. Has this happened

Could not take Crestor or Vytorin due to painful leg cramps. Doctor put me on Livalo. After taking only ONE tablet

I have constant fatigue, my neck and shoulders are tight, joint pain in my fingers and having crazing dreams. Been

Your NOT the only one that this drug has made miserable. I think ALL statins are dangerous. I will never take another statin

I was taking Livalo for over a month. I've had severe pains on my shoulder and my eyes water continuously. Not

I have been taking Livalo for 4 weeks. First I started with neck and shoulder pain, now I have SEVERE hip and back

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