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I was using Omeprazole for almost 3 years and I believe it has contributed to my hair loss (Alopecia) and I also experienced other issues i.e tiredness, aching joints, mood swings so one month after discontinuing the tablets I feel like my old self again.


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I recently had an endoscopy and it showed in my stomach noted erythema and edema of the gastric mucosa.  Multiple polyps all

my eyes are really red and starting to feel sore also my ankle area is in pain, is this due to Omeprazole?

I stopped taking Omeprazole 20mg after 4 days because of a side effect, strong palpitations most of the time; I stopped taking t

ive been taking Omeprazole for five days and experiencing lightheadedness. slight head ache

I started taken Omeprazole. I ran out of my Nexum well I started itching really bad as it I had bug bites believe m

I have been taking the generic form "omeprozole" 20.6 mg twice a day for heartburn, for two months now. The heartburn is under control,

I took Omeprazole for 2 months and finally realized that all the muscle spasms/tremors, heart palpitations, not wanting to eat (lost 15 pounds),

Hi Kim, thank you for posting your symptoms. I seem to relate to the random pains. Can I ask you, how

I have been taking omprozole for over 10 years and I experience chronic hoarness. My voice previously as clear and resonant.

I've taken Prilosec for about fifteen years, but noticed a problem with dizziness, shaking, and confusion until I'd eat something.

I have experienced ongoing pain in all my joints (especially the ankles and hips). I had previously read that Omeprazol can cause this but

I have been on Omeprazole for about a month for Silent Reflux. It worked for that but I have just been to the doctor

Have the palpatations stopped since stopping medication? I have been on Omeprazole for over a year and my palpatations started a couple months after,

I took it just for 4 days, i felt testis pain.when I left it, I felt normal in my testis.

I have taken Omeprazole for several years and have lost most of my hair. I am going to stop taking the drug and

is it just me or is anyone else's hair falling out?

I am taking Omeprazole almost 1 year.. I got muscle pain.. yellowish color.. and i am not feeling well.

I took prilosec for 2 months. After a month and a half I stated esperiencing hotlashes, hip and back pain but did

I took Omeprazole for about 3-4 months and started experiencing hip pain. I have been off Omeprazole for about 1 1/2 months an

Wow, after reading this I'm glad I stopped taking Omeprazole cold turkey. I had an incidence of rectal bleeding and had been having an

after 2 weeks skin burning on chest and back nevrous sytoms O:-) :'(

Stopped taking Omeprazole after seven days very bad pain in the muscles in my legs. Still having pain yet after two weeks of stopping

OMG!!! you are talking about the same symptoms i am having now..this medicine is horrible!!!!

An update, It has only been 3 days & my arm pain has gone!!, for anybody suffering similar symptoms to mine

I have been taking Omeprazole for around 4 years & was not told about what it does to your body regarding vitamins.

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