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Can anyone say how long these side effects will last???


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It is very important to keep track of all side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

Had Reclast infusion in Jan 2010, diagnosed with Anaemia August this year. What is the best treatment and how long will this symptom

I'm having my third Reclast treatment, and ever since to first one, I have experienced severe hip pain and lower back pain.

Reclast SIDE EFFECTS: I investigated the new drug, Reclast, in advance of my one and only injection in November 2008. After the

I have been on the monthly highest dose of Actonel for 3 months. I feel like I am chocking on everything I eat or

I have gotten 2 Reclast Infusions in the past 2 year and haven,t had any side effects.

I took Reclast infusion in July 2009. My nurse said that if I experienced any sickness it would take 3 days for it to

I had a Reclast infusion, June 29, 2009. That night, (about 8 hours afterwards) I woke up feeling severe

Had a Reclast infusion in December 2010. Since then, I experienced minor joint pain and some wierd feelings in my back.

2 months after injection . I want to say I was extremely ill the day, about 10 hours afterwards , I

Has anyone had problems with their joint replacements since taking Reclast?

I was very sick with Flu like symtoms for 4 days .Now my bones are making a popping clicking sound ,don't know what

<em></em><span style="color: #808080;">i was very unsure about Reclast but the specialist was very pushie about me tring it,

Had a Reclast almost one year ago.&nbsp; No problems. Will know soon if it has helped me as much as the

Had a treatment on Tuesday..within 24 hours was flat on my back. &nbsp; My knee hurts so bad I can

I received Reclast infusion - no side effects for 6 days, other than a headache. On the 7th day after, I woke

Muscle aches and pain since Fe.18,2011. When can I expect some relief?

I also had my first and last Reclast in Dec. 2010.&nbsp; Having all kinds of joint and bone pain and last

Please do not allow&nbsp;anyone to talk you into this drug again. I had my Reclast infusion in 2009 and I've also&nbsp;

Ok had my Reclast infusion last wed feb 23 2011., was fine wed,thurs,and friday then sat morning after taking morning pills

Reclast side effects ~ one day after infusion: flu-like symptoms and dramatic aching in bones and all over body ~ so far;

about 6 weeks after I got Reclast I got pains in my groin and hip. Is that a coincidence or is it possible

I had a root canal last week and the Endodonist was very concerned that I had Reclast. He is uncertain if my new bridge that

Is it true that if you have a tooth pulled after you have had Reclast, you will have a degenerating jaw?

12 hours after Reclast IV, had fever, chills, pain in stomach, dizziness, headache - lasted 12 hours on and off

Was leery going in but felt I had beaten the odds. Got my first Reclast Thursday PM, then awoke that night with

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