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Osteomyelitis from DTAP (INFANRIX) 2004

Vaccine Manufacturer:SMITHKLINE BEECH
Vaccine Code:DTAP
Vaccine Name:DTAP (INFANRIX)
Year Reported:2004
Symptom Reported:Osteomyelitis

DTAP (INFANRIX) Side Effects Report #214649
DTAP (INFANRIX) vaccine side effect was reported on 12/23/2003. Female patient, child 4.0 years of age, was vaccinated with DTAP (INFANRIX). Patient symptoms: Osteomyelitis, "Pt developed a fever, followed by extreme pain in her knee joint. X-rays were normal but blood tests determined a high sedimentation rate. She was hospitalized 11/12/03 and surgery to aspirate the infection (Staph infection of bone in leg) IV medication of antibiotic (Cefazolin) every 8 hrs for 6 weeks." NONENONEX-rays; blood tests; orthopedic doctor determined an infection in femur of right leg. . Patient was hospitalized Patient recovered.


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Source: VAERS
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